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ctice their profession. Channels of public participation in justice have been expanded, and the judicial protection of human rights has been improved. China h


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as i▓mplemented a case-filing register system, re▓vamped and improved its litigation system, and strictly enforced principles of lega▓lity, in dubio pro reo, exclusion of unlawful evidence. The state is resolute in preventing and correcting miscarriages of justice, and the procedures for protecting▓ human

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rights in judicial practice have been raised to higher standards. The judiciary exercises its power independently and impartially in accordance with the law, leading to strengthened public credibility. Further efforts have been made in terms of state comp

made in human

ensation and legal aid. Judicial fairness and justice is safeguarded, an

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d citizens' rights are effectively protected. ▓Crime suspects, defendants and criminals are treated in a more civilized manner, punishments are meted out in a more standardized way, and the personal dignit

a▓tion of judic

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ial powers and r

▓y, safety, and legal property of detainees are all well protected, as are their rights of appeal, accusatio▓n, and impeachment.There is no end to mankind's▓ pursuit of

progress. There is still much room for improvement for the rule of law i▓n China. Strengthening judicial protecti▓on of human rights will continue to be a m

esponsibilities, j


ajor task in implementing the rule of law. China will proceed from its prevail

ing reality, learn from the achievements of other countries regarding the rule of l▓aw, enhance judicial protection of human rights, safeguard social fairness and justice, and implement the

rule of law in all respects. Please scan the QR Code

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